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Every product HISSIS produces is a combination of decades of experience and world-leading technology 

solid design, error-free parts and perfect whole process control

HISSIS is dedicated to meet customer’s requirements,
beyond customer’s expectations of the product

mutual beneficial long-term cooperation


HISSIS has professional precision processing capacity, including special-shaped processing, electronic profiles processing, special materials processing, special surface processing. And we can provide core components production for the high and low temperature, salt fog, vacuum and other special use environment, for automotive turbocharger, dangerous gas detection, semiconductor detection, high-speed precision bearing. HISSIS has a complete set of solutions to improve product quality and performance, to help customers on product design, while providing OEM customized product services






Suzhou Hissis Precision Devices Co., Ltd., with professional advanced precision and ultra-precision machining technology and industrial production capacity,we are able to provide you with unique solutions for product upgrading and optimization. Especially, we are very experienced with special customized products processing, and have the outstanding performance on processing of non-ferrous metals, such as titanium, tungsten, molybdenum, beryllium, tantalum, niobium and so on. At present, our OEM products include vehicle turbocharger rods and fans assembly processing, medical X-ray couplings and bearings processing, semiconductor and automation industries air bearings processing. As its strong R&D, production and testing base, the wholly owned subsidiary of Gu An Hissis Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Gu An industrial zone in Hebei Province in China and covers an area of 2100 square meters. Gu An Hissis specializes in ultra-precision machining. Special bearings are the core products. It mainly focuses on customization and standardization business. Now air bearings and shaft bearings have been already the major products. Since Gu An has reached the level of industrialization. We devote ourselves to become a "specialized, refined, special, creative" little giant enterprise. We are accelerating the industrialization of our technology and our products. So that we can serve more and more home and abroad customers. MORE →



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