We uphold the establishment of mutually beneficial partnership with suppliers, common development.  Facing the ever-changing global market and constantly refined customer needs, we always insist on sharing information with suppliers, complementing each other's advantages, making continuous progress, creating value for customers and promoting industry progress.  At the same time, our suppliers have strict access requirements and standards.  

Requirements for suppliers

♦ Partnership, efficiency and quality

We centrally purchase materials for production. Procurement is the link between suppliers, engineering, production, quality management and logistics. The procurement and engineering departments work from the start of new research and development to mass production. Therefore, purchasing is the coordinator between all departments and suppliers in our company. We select suppliers not only by price, but also by technical expertise, reliability, flexibility and quality. Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with suppliers to reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency. Even more we can collaborate on new product development.

♦ Requirements for suppliers

Must-have Requirements: legal and compliant operation, complete qualifications, good faith cooperation

• QC requirements:

ISO9001 quality management system certification. Have perfect production quality enterprise management process, monitoring and debugging ability. The quality of the products conforms to the corresponding international/national/industrial/enterprise standards.

• environmental management:

ISO14001 environmental management system certification.  Use energy, water and raw materials efficiently, combine ecological and economic needs, reduce waste, deal with waste in compliance, protect the environment and achieve sustainable development.

• Corporate Social Responsibilit:

Respect human rights and employment compliance. Ensure the health and safety of the working environment and provide reasonable remuneration.

Supplier Management Procedure


We abide by China CFLP and Germany BME code of conduct. The principle of •Corruption •Antitrust •Forced labor •Child labor And its principles of corporate social responsibility •Human rights •Discrimination •Health •Good working conditions •Environmental protection All above are included. By adhering to and promoting these principles, we assume responsibility to our own organizations, customers and suppliers, the environment and society. We also ask our suppliers to strongly support these principles and abide by them as we do. Recognition of these principles is the main criteria for our suppliers to be approved.